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Kaiser Plus Kit King Pin Set - 70.080.18

Part Number: 89-086

Price: $205.25

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Kaiser Plus Kit King Pin Set. Dim:1.499 x 7.50. Popular on Freightliner MT45. Call us with your VIN number so we can determine the correct king pin. Use tool 89-098 for a quick removal and installation.

Better Fit, Less Down Time & Better Quality
STEMCO has been offering a "no-ream" bi-metal king pin kit for over ten years, yet many customers were asking for a better fit than the product provided. That was until now! With improvements to our PlusKit®, we now offer pre-sized bi-metal bronze bushings with the fit of a tightly reamed king pin installation.

Quality King Pin Kits Parts
When you compare our manufactured parts, notice the difference in quality compared to other king pin kits. The ease of installation and the improved fit of pin & bushing shows that the STEMCO PlusKit is the most economical way to do your king pin job. Now there is no reason to spend thousands on reamers and all the costs associated with reaming. You will get a great fit every time you use a PlusKit King Pin Kit.

- For No Ream Installation & Perfect Fit
- Pre-sized Bronze Bushings
- No Need to buy Reamers
- Fit as Good as "Reamed"
- Install Faster than Reaming
- Least Expensive NO-Ream King Pin Installation



  • 8000 # axel, MFS-08, R201474

Spicer/ Dana / Eaton

02 Codes

  • 8000# axel, R201604


  • 8000# axel, MFS-08, R201474


  • GMC - 88936011
  • Dayton - 300-316
  • Euclid - E-11812C
  • Flagg - FKP-142-C
  • Ford - B8QH-3111E
  • Rockwell - R201474
  • Rockwell - R201484
  • Rockwell - R201604
  • Rockwell - R201606
  • Spicer - KPK1068

Estimated Shipping Dimensions: 10" x 5" x 5"

Weight: 10.50 lbs


Stemco Kaiser King Pins

We are proud to offer Stemco Kaiser king pins for stepvans. These new king pins dont need to be reamed! That alone will save you hours on your king pin jobs. We offer two different kinds of Stemco Kaiser king pins, the Qwik Kits and Plus Kits.

Qwik Kit King Pings

What makes Qwik Kits different from Regular King Pins?

  • 300% More Grease!
  • Grooved Pin for Deeper Grease Penetration
  • Spiral Steel Bushing is No Ream
  • O Ring Sealed Top and Bottom Plate on Many Kits
  • Qwik Kits Hold 3 Times the Grease of a Standard King Pin

When you first install these kits you may be surprised at how much grease they actually hold. On the average a regular set of king pins will use about 12 pumps of grease before they are full. If you were to take that same hand grease gun to a Qwik Kit you would pump 42 times to fully lubricate the system. With all that extra lubrication your Qwik Kit king pins last up to 3 times as long as your standard pin.

Many of our customers tell us that king pin jobs usually take up their entire day. With Qwik Kit king pins you can cut your installation time to less than half. Qwik Kits use a No ream technology that saves you hours on labor cost. Qwik Kits are just that... Quick!

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