2013-On Ford Transit Connect Backup Camera System for Stepvans

Part Number: 14-514

Sale Price: $338.53

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This Ford Transit Connect backup camera system is complete with a crystal clear DIGITAL 7" TFT LCD color monitor with mirror image capability, a 3 channel multiplexer (can connect a DVD player or other cameras) with automatic system switch, a 170° Sony CCD camera with night vision and all the wires, connectors and mounts you will need. The rear view camera is completely weather proof with an IP67 rating, strong and reliable, shock resistant with a 10G impact rating (highest in the industry) and the system comes with a full year warranty. The Ford Transit Backup Camera System is very easy to install and the transit back up camera replaces one of the lamps on top of the license plate area. The camera also has the light to display the license plate area.

Ford Transit Camera

This Backup Camera snaps into the existing light placement above the license plate for a sleek OEM look. The camera boasts a Sony CCD sensor with an ultra wide 170° viewing angle which displays a rich color picture day and night. The camera has excellent night vision for low light settings and is completely waterproof with an IP68 rating.

Mirror Mounted Monitor

The 7" TFT LCD Digital Color Monitor that comes with this system attaches to the windshield, replacing the existing rear view mirror in the vehicle. This placement gives you perfect viewing of our backup cameras without taking up room on your dash. It comes with optional grid lines and an in-built speaker with all its functions controlled with the on-screen touch buttons or remote which comes included.

Multiplexer and System

The control unit or "brains" of our system is what we call the multiplexer. It powers our system, receives all camera feeds and sends them to the monitor. Its three inputs allow for multiple camera connection and connection of a DVD player. This multiplexer connects straight to the fuse box, handles 12-24 volts and comes with a separate trigger wire for each camera connected.

Estimated Shipping Dimensions: 9" x 8" x 5"

Weight: 3.44 lbs


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