Dual piston caliper

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Front or Rear Left or Right 2.50" Dual Piston Dayton Caliper ( Casting #472 ) - New no core return - Popular on John-Deere ( Freightliner ) chassis - See complete vehicle listing below


  • Bleeder Screw Thread: 7/16"-24
  • Caliper Casting Material: Cast Iron
  • Caliper Configuration: Semi-Loaded
  • Caliper Piston Diameter: 63.500 mm / 2.500 in
  • Caliper Piston Material: Phenolic Resin
  • Caliper Pistons Quantity: 2
  • Caliper Type: Floating
  • Manufacturing Type: New
  • Surface Finish: Plain


John Deere - RV and Stepvan Chassis Front, Rear, Left, Right
Chevrolet B60 - 1980-1991 Front, Rear
Chevrolet B7 - 1993-2002 Front, Rear
Chevrolet C50 - 1983-1990 Front, Rear
Chevrolet C5500 Kodiak - 1990-1991 Front, Rear
Chevrolet C60 - 1983-1989 Front, Rear; 1990Rear
Chevrolet C60 Kodiak - 1990-1996 Rear
Chevrolet C7500 Kodiak - 1997-2002 Front, Rear
Chevrolet P6000 - 1992-1996 Front, Rear
Chevrolet T6500 - 1997-2002 Front, Rear
Chevrolet T7500 - 1997 Front, Front Left, Front Right, Rear, Rear Left, Rear Right;1998-2002 Front, Rear
Ford B600 - 1984-1989 Front
Ford B700 - 1986-1989 Front
Ford C600 - 1984-1986 Front
Ford C700 - 1984-1986 Front
Ford C800 - 1984-1986 Front
Ford F600 - 1984-1994 Front
Ford F650 - 2000-2003 Rear
Ford F700 - 1984-1998 Front
Ford F7000 - 1984-1987 Front, Rear
Ford F800 - 1984-1999 Front
Ford FT800 - 1984-1986; 1988-1990 Front
Ford L800 - 1984 Front
Ford LN600 - 1984-1985 Front
Ford LN700 - 1984-1985 Front
Ford LN7000 - 1984-1990; 1995-1997 Front
Ford LN800 - 1984 Front
Ford LN8000 - 1984-1993Front
GMC B6000 - 1980-1991Front, Rear
GMC B7 - 1993-2002Front, Rear
GMC C5000 - 1983-1990Front, Rear
GMC C5000 Topkick - 1990-1991Front, Rear
GMC C6000 - 1983-1989Front, Rear
GMC C6000 Topkick - 1991-1996Front, Rear
GMC C6500 Topkick - 1997-2002Front, Rear
GMC C7000 - 1983-1990Front, Rear
GMC C7000 Topkick - 1990-1996Front, Rear
GMC C7500 Topkick - 1997-2002Front, Rear
GMC P4500 - 1988-1990Front, Rear
GMC P6500 - 1992-1996Front, Rear
GMC T6500 - 1997-2002Front, Rear
GMC T7500 - 1997-2002Front, Rear
Isuzu FSR - 1996-2002 Front, Rear
Isuzu FTR - 1996-2002 Front, Rear
Isuzu FVR - 1996-1997 Front; 1998-2002 Front, Rear

Estimated Shipping Dimensions: 13" x 11" x 8"

Weight: 18.05 lbs

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