2020XG Deluxe Mirror Assembly for 96" Body - Velvac 715899

Part Number: 715899

Price: $555.53

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Velvac 715899. 2020XG Deluxe Mirror Assembly with glass, Black. Fits Ford E Series, with 96" width body. Flat glass manual; Convex glass: manual. Pair.

The 2020XG Mirror Surpasses OE Build Quality The rigid design of the 2020XG mirror system produces a solid image for improved visibility. The combination of 64 sq. in. of flat glass and 29 sq. in. of convex glass with an 18" radius of curvature provides unsurpassed coverage of passing lanes and blind spots around the vehicle.

The 2020XG also incorporates an advanced vibration dampening system in the mirror head which keeps the image steady even on rough road surfaces.

The die cast aluminum mounting base and upper arm of the 2020XG mirror are anodized and powder coated for corrosion protection, while an OE-approved plastic mirror shell and lower arm deliver durability and UV resistance.

Similar to the 2020, the integrated pivot system allows the mirror to be folded forward or back upon impact and returned easily to the normal driving position.

No Compromises between Form and Function Like the 2020, with its 'swept back' design, stylized base, arm and mirror head, the 2020XG also integrates seamlessly into the medium duty Ford F-Series and E Van door sail area. This design pre-positions the mirror in the optimal location, eliminating the need for head adjustments, while minimizing installation time and costs.

OEM Numbers:
  • 715899


For over 40 years, we have been proud to offer Velvac mirrors for stepvans, RVs, and medium duty trucks. Velvac manufactures mirrors with the aim to keep drivers safe while on the road. To do that, they have been making some of the highest quality commercial vehicle mirrors and have been selling directly to the OEM market since 1956. Velvac mirrors are known for excellence in viewing the blind spots and other areas around your vehicle incorporating the clearest view while driving. If your current mirrors need replacing or if you are just not seeing what you should be around your vehicle then we want you to know, for the best replacement mirrors, you can count on Velvac.

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